I wrote about a karting engineer telling me an IAME kart should pull 14.4k RPM on the trolley. Well I was also told that it wasn't true.

William had a practise session at CKC yesterday. I talked to someone who knows a thing or two about engines. I told him about the conversation I had and 14.4k RPM on the stand. He was surprised by this and told me that an IAME engine should never be revved to full on the trolley. It got a bit technical after that but I do remember "pulsing" being mentioned. The person I talked to told me that the dyno was the only way to test an engine.

So who do I believe? Is it possible that both are true? I don't know but over time I'm sure I'll find out.

In order to save on tyres I put a scrub set on William's kart - a set we got when we bought the Honda. They are as hard as nails but I thought still usable. William didn't much out of them on the first session, he was;t getting any grip so I gave him more grip by putting the fronts out and backs in. Session two came and William had more grip - the changes worked!! Nice to know that I'm getting better at this. Session Three came and William span early in the session and stalled so spent most of the session watching the other karts zooming past.

After the lunch break we went down a sprocket and put the racing tyres on. Times went down straight away - the old set really aren't good for anything much except perhaps transporting the kart and then I'll change wheels when we arrive. We had a red flag due to an injury but it wasn't as serious as it was thought - but that ended the session.

In the last session we were doing William went out last with instructions to make up places. Lap times were in the low 32's but this wasn't about being quick - it was about honing his race craft and he diver very well. He made a mistake trying an overtake from too far behind at one corner and had a spin but he learnt from it and that is what practice is for. All in all a good day karting.

My day wasn't over though. Due to the general flakeyness of young people these days I had to cover a shift at the bar at the football club for a 30th birthday party so I didn't make bed until 1:30am. A very long day on my feet!

Author: Jez Caudle. Published: Monday October 12 2015