I was reticent to get a MyChron as I saw a lot of people collecting data but never pulling the laptop out to see what it was telling them. It seemed a lot of money to tell you lap times. But bought one I did.

And the data it collects it really really good and although Race Analysis looks like a Windows 3.1 app, once you get an idea of what it can do, the insights really are amazing. After a less than stellar race day at Forest Edge I finally managed to get the MyChron to talk to my Windows virtual machine running via VirtualBox on my Mac. Things weren't helped by flaws in Mac OS - the WiFi bar at the top of the screen was indicating that it was still trying to connect when in fact had connected to the MyChron.

Once I had the data I was a very confused by all the options - luckily there are a plethora of YouTube videos out there that explain how it works. And with that I was able to spot incorrect lines and drill down into the corners. I sat down with William and went through it with him. He managed to take it all in and at practice he managed to go faster than ever before and this is with our temperamental engine.

As I was running both Kenny and William I didn't have a lot of time between sessions for major changes. I did change William's sprocket for the final session. I thought we were running an 82 so I asked him to get me an 81, which he did and put it on. Then I looked to see what size sprocket I had taken off and it was an 81. Different sprocket, same size. I didn't tell him - he had seen me taking one off and putting another one on and if I did tell jim he would have been disappointed and sure in his mind that he couldn't go any faster and made that a reality.

He did go faster in the last session and broke into the 48's with a 48:93. I told him when he came in what had happened. He had chat about it with his mum - a systemic psychotherapist no less. Thinking he had a small sprocket on he was getting on the power earlier. The power of placebo is well know - the whole of homeopathy relies on it and in certain circumstances, like this one, it's effects are very powerful. Having said that if the carb was playing up no amount of placebo effect would have made a blind bit of difference.

I'll be continuing my deep dive into analysing the data. The data from the gyrometer should help determine where William is braking, accelerating and turning. Once we have that mapped we should be able to squeeze some more time out of his laps.

Author: Jez Caudle. Published: Tuesday May 17 2016