Saturday 21st May - a test day at Camberley Kart Club.

A day when the weather couldn't make its mind up for most of the day.

Saturday was a strange test day. When we arrived the track was damp but not wet, by 9am it was dry and then it started to spit - or more likely some very fine rain was being blown in. It was enough for me to fit the wet-box and slap some knacked wets on. By the time that we actually went out it was clear that slicks would have done.

Times were good and we knew the next session on slicks would be better and so it was. Session two was a good one and William was on the pace. Session three saw him going a second faster than session one.

Session was an odd one because more fine rain blew in and strategies were split. Half were on worn wets and the other half on slicks. For the first few laps it seemed the wets were the way to go but the drizzle stopped, the sun nearly came out and the slicks came on and proved to be the correct option.

Then the rain came down properly and it was day-over for William. No way were we going to risk getting water in the engine and loose all the carbon that we have been building for the past few months.

Now to take a deep dive into the data and the video to see where we can scavenge a 10th or two.

Author: Jez Caudle. Published: Monday May 23 2016