William Caudle's Older blog posts.

It's been a busy few weeks. William passed his ARKS at CKC in a day where everything, bye and large, went perfectly.

Posted: Tuesday July 21 2015

We had the engine on the dyno at Shark and confirmed what someone else had told me - there was a problem with the Tillotson carb.

Posted: Thursday October 8 2015

I wrote about a karting engineer telling me an IAME kart should pull 14.4k RPM on the trolley. Well I was also told that it wasn't true.

Posted: Monday October 12 2015

I was reticent to get a MyChron as I saw a lot of people collecting data but never pulling the laptop out to see what it was telling them. It seemed a lot of money to tell you lap times. But bought one I did.

Posted: Tuesday May 17 2016

Saturday 21st May - a test day at Camberley Kart Club.

A day when the weather couldn't make its mind up for most of the day.

Posted: Monday May 23 2016

Kenny was testing in William's IAME Shark last Saturday. One of the engines had a squeak coming from the clutch and then the other wouldn't start - I was convinced that it was seized, having seized one myself.

Posted: Tuesday April 11 2017