Camberley Kart Club - Saturday March 26 2016 by Jez Caudle

After finishing yesterday on a high we rode into Blackbushe on a wave of optimism this morning even more so with the rain. And it wasn't misplaced. William was fast in practice - they were only supposed to do three laps but someone forgot to press the start button and the laps indicator stubbornly stayed at three despite the fact that they did about 10 laps. It was clear that we were on the pace - right sprocket, right setup, right PSI. Lads that were quicker yesterday in the dry were way off the pace today. We talked about this and wondered if it us that was off the pace yesterday because of the carb problem and once that was sorted it was too late to get the setup right and we would have been on the pace if I'd swapped the carb on Thursday evening. Could be ...

William started the first heat in 4th position - they roared off and all I could see from my position on the parce ferme fence was helmets bobbling around the top corner. As they turned and headed towards me William was in second place. His starts are hit and miss and this was certainly a hit. The lad in first is being funded big time and was always going to be near the front. This is the unfortunate side of motorsports - money reigns supreme and the more you can throw at it, the better you'll be. William held onto his 2nd place for a good long while before a faster lad eventually managed to pass. The gap to 4th was extending all the time and he finished a very comfortable 3rd.

For the second heat William started 6th and made up a place at the start and then started carving his way through. Money bags was off and 2nd place from the last heat was black/orange flagged as his chain guard had popped off. This cemented William's 3rd place and he set off hunting down 2nd place but ran out of laps. If he could have managed a better start he would have had a second place - clearing two of the slower lads took too many laps and gave the eventual 2nd place person too much of a gap.

For the third heat William started Pole. Money Bags and the other faster lad got past but they didn't really pull out a large gap and run away with it unlike the rest of the field who were far behind. All set for the final then.

William started 2nd for the final - on the wrong side of the grid really. If the Pole side keep a tight train they can push the other side back down the field. Money Bags got an alright start, the lad behind William - quick all day - came over to the middle and 3rd place on the grid managed to create a train and squeeze William out. Coming out of the extension William went a little wide and hit a bollard, bending his back axle. He then fought bravely to hold onto fourth place. The lad who had been second fastest looked as if he was going to push Money Bags for every centimetre but a couple of laps in he span. At this point William was struggling but the spin put him up to third and despite the buggered axle managed to keep the rest of the field behind him.

Without the damage William would have been on for a second - there is no doubt of that in my mind. The second fastest lad was making mistakes left right and centre. Never mind. We are happy, we know the Shark Kart is brilliant and that carbs need rebuilding every 2 months. William is getting faster and my set up skillz are coming along nicely - following Shark's setup guide ....