Camberley Kart Club - Saturday April 23 2016 by Jez Caudle


Last week we went to Forest Edge to do a days testing and the engine was crap - well the carb was. So a carb kit later and a go on the dyno and everything looked fine.

Practice today was good - everything tickety-boo and William was fast. Heat 1 went very well - his start was brilliant and he led for a few laps before two of the faster lads eventually got him and he came in 3rd - with a big gap to 4th.

The second heat was a little bit more complicated. William had a bad start and had to work his way from the back. One of the faster lads didn't make it to the grid due to an engine problem so we knew we had a good chance of second, just needed a good start. William was hit by another kart and was there at the back. He then fought his way back to 4th and then through some good lunges into the extension made his way to third before trying the same thing again to take second but went in too fast and lost 2 places. He then worked his way past those two again to take second place. Hard work and lots of lessons learnt.

Heat Three was were things started to go wrong. William started third but was soon at the back and fighting back until he span. He came in next lap complaining that his neck brace was uncomfortable and making it impossible for him to drive.

We broke for lunch, had a little chat and then discovered the engine wouldn't start. 4 spark plugs later and it was going. I had made the engine richer after checking the spark plug. This was a mistake and it stopped William getting a third place as he lost power on the main straight. If he had had one more lap he would have got 3rd and was only 2 tenths off third place, closing in on the last few laps and just coming up short as the chequered flag came out.

So we enter a new phase now - carb management.

4th place took us up to 2nd in the Camberley Championship - lots of work needed to over take the lad in 1st.