Camberley Kart Club - Saturday June 25 2016 by Jez Caudle

Fantastic day at Camberley Kart Club - on the pace from the start and William was lucky to be joined by his cousin Alex and her partner Eddie.

We knew we were quick in practice and so it was for heat one. William was doing really well until he went for a gap that just wasn't there and lost many places.

In the break we talked about patience and how important it is. Heat 2 started and with just over a lap to go the patience-penny had quiet clearly dropped. William was 2nd, very close to the leader and they had both pulled a nice gap. And then William went for a gap that didn't exists and ended up 4th.

In the break we talked about patience again - I managed to calm myself down. Then as we approached the dummy grid for the third heat the heavens opened - just as Alex and Eddie arrived.

We all knew the rain was coming, it was just a case of when. We slapped on some wets and went out for Heat 3. William settled into 3rd place and then started looking for grip - sensible as it would give him an advantage for the final.

There was more rain, then sunshine and then more rain. We started near the back for the final and got held up - this is what cost us the win - by the time William was in 2nd place he was 2 seconds behind. Within a lap it was 0.7 seconds but the problem was that he ran out of laps. A bit more patience in Heat 1 and 2 and the win would have been his.

He set the fastest lap of the day in Heat 2 as well as fastest laps in Heat 3 and the final - so raw speed wasn't the problem. Coming away from the track knowing you could have done better is never nice - hopefully the lessons have been learnt. So he can now make some different mistakes and learn from those!!