Camberley Kart Club. - Saturday July 23 2016 by Jez Caudle

We headed to Camberley in confident mood. The last race here had been a good one and it is the track we know the best. And William carried on with the patience and good driving that started in Heat 3 last month.

He was showing good pace in Heat 1 and simple stayed with the two leaders - as they entered the bus stop to start the last lap they touched. William grabbed 2nd place and then took the lead at the top corner - his superior momentum coming into play to win Heat 1.

Heat 2 was very similar except the front two were different. He was just as quick as them and was third in the train - they tangled on the top corner on the last and William simply nipped through to take the win.

Heat 3 was a mixture of Heat 1 and Heat 2 - the same protagonists from Heat 2 and the same crash spot of Heat 1. As they came together on the bus stop stop William took second and missed out on winning Heat 3 by 0.06 seconds.

last month he lost out on a win through lack of patience in Heat 1 and 2 - this month the value of patience was demonstrated.

Before the final we noticed that the accelerator cable was frayed, we quickly changed it but noticed that the accelerator stop was too far back. We tried setting it and knew we were taking a risk as it was in, but loose. It did pop out and effected William's race. He did manage to secure 2nd and had the winner defending for the last 2 laps.

So all in all a good day. William was able to walk away without any regrets knowing he hardly put a wheel wrong all day.

The broken "stop" bent the arm of the carb so along with fixing that, the "stop" is now fixed as is the ride height problem. We are now one point behind the championship leader with three rounds to go.