Camberley Kart Club - Saturday January 28 2017 by Jez Caudle

Round 2 on the 17th December was cancelled due to heavy fog. The fog lifted for about 10 seconds before returning. There was no way racing could be started due to the lack of visibility. And then it was too late to start.

In an effort to keep costs down I took the generator and a double hot plate along with my coffee maker - coffee at tracks is both expensive and horrible. Paying anything between a pound and a pound fifty for a weak cup of the cheapest instant is not sustainable or even palatable. We want to do more tracks this year and saving more where we can is the only way to make it happen.

We arrived just before 8am, I got the coffee maker going and then finished off the set-up for the kart. The track was damp and slippy, the weather cold although we were confident that it would dry up by the afternoon.

Practice and timed qualifying are combined - the first three laps are practise and the rest being qualification. It went okay, William was 1.7 tenths off the fastest and qualified 3rd.

I made the changes William wanted, more freshly brewed coffee and off we went for the first heat. The only place better than pole at Camberley is 3rd place, simply get close to the pole sitter and stay close all the way around the first corner. And so it was, William came in 2nd, faster than in quali and also closed the gap to just under 3 tenths.

More set up changes and into pre-final - starting in 2nd place. And the guy in 3rd place did to William what he had done to him in the last heat - simply hung onto the bumper of the pole sitter and took 2nd place. William was faster again but further off the pace.

The lunch break gave us time to talk through a few things and nail the setup - while waiting for the final there was a light shower, The track hadn't dried up much during the day and was very slippy on the top corner before the shower, after it the half of the track that remains in the shade during the shorter days and had been slippy all day - and now it was worse.

William was starting from 2nd place - the curse of 2nd!! They hit the acceleration line and sped off only for the fifth place person to tap the person in third place and he went spinning off, just missing William. The curse of 2nd was broken and William retained his place. Within 3 laps he was in lead and pulled out a 1.5 second gap. This was held until lap 16, the last lap, when a back marker came into play. He held William up and this allowed second-place to get on William's bumper but it was too late to be able to take advantage - William had won his first race on the road.

All in all a very good.