Camberley Kart Club - Saturday March 25 2017 by Jez Caudle

After the disappointment of the last round at Camberley it was time put what I had learned into action - trust the weather forecast, set the tyre pressures on the grid, come equipped, etc etc.

I thought we had a good day, William won Heat 1 and came 2nd in Heat 2 and 3. Started the final in 2nd and finished 2nd. He also picked up the 2nd place trophy for the Winter Championships during the lunch break. The story of the Winter Championship will told at a much later stage.

Despite spending most of Friday preparing the kart and getting everything ready to pack into the van I managed to forget the petrol and the sprockets. Not a problem in the end as I was able to borrow one. I did my bit by allowing another dad to strip bits from my spare rear axle as his brake holder cracked and then partly disintegrated.

I think William could have been more aggressive in is racing but he is down to his last few races in cadets and it wouldn't be fair on the guy who did win if he went for a move and didn't make it - taking the other guy off.

I experimented with the pyrometer to set the correct grip levels on the back and the correct camber on the front. It did make a difference for the better according to William. We even managed to get the tyre pressures correct as well. All of this will be of benefit to Kenny though.