Camberley Kart Club - Friday April 14 2017 by Jez Caudle

The Easter Championship two-day event at CKC was William's last cadet races. We had Jack Barber to help us out with kart setup, data engineer and driver tuition.

Good Friday started well with the fastest time in qualifying, by half a tenth, leading to pole position in Heat 1.

William led for half the race before Deagen over took and despite his best efforts, William wasn't able to get past. They both set the joint fastest lap.

In Heat 2 William started 2nd and finished 2nd behind Deagen, setting the fastest lap again. But in trying to overtake he touched the back of Deagen and dropped his nose, getting a 10 second penalty and was classified last.

Heat 3 - we had been making small set up changes all day and for Heat 3 we changed the gearing, trying to give William more speed at the end of the straight. We got lucky earlier on with Deagen's engine oiling up on the parade lap, we knew he was the only person we were racing. This should have been a simple win. William started at the back and soon worked himself to first place and kept it for 3 laps. On the last lap he over defended and lost the lead, coming second but set the fastest lap again.

For the Final William started 3rd. We rolled back the changes from Heat 3 and after the first corner Deagen was up to first, with William still in 3rd. By lap 3 William was into 2nd place with Deagen up the road, 1.2 seconds ahead. William slowly started to reel him in and then followed for a few laps before taking the lead. Deagen took it back for the last lap. Into the extension Deagen pulled a little gap and it looked all over. Coming out of the extension William took a tighter line, accelerated hard, held it with all his strength and set up a game of chicken into the bus stop. Deagen blinked and William went into the bus stop ahead but on the wrong line, Deagan came out faster but William won it by 0.07 seconds.

We started Saturday with high hopes for winning the Easter Championship, William had beaten Deagen on the road for the first time in a final.

Practice went well, William was the fastest and he was starting Heat 1 from Pole. And this is where things started to go wrong - the engine had started on the grid before the race started. But when the gate opened the engine started but died quickly. I had already put the trolley with my spark plug puller and spare plugs in the pits so had to run and bring it back. We changed the plug and off William went, joining the back of the pack and with tyres colder than the rest of the pack. William fought hard and finished 3rd, another lap and he would have taken 2nd. He set the fastest lap along with Deagen, who won the race.

Heat 2 and William started 5th. Deagen tangled with another lad in the bus stop and William took the lead and held it.

Heat 3 was the pivotal moment of the day. William started in 3rd and was soon in 1st place which he held for 3 laps. But inexplicably he made a horrendous error on the esses and dropped from 1st to 4th - he was pulling away from 2nd and under no pressure. He fought back to 2nd place but then was tapped on the back and span, putting him at the back where he stayed.

For William to win the Easter Championship he would now need to beat Deagen a second time in two days - a tall order. If William had held the lead in Heat 3, 2nd would have had sufficed. The final was a replay of the previous days final - William in 3rd, up to 2nd and then on Deagen's bumper. But this time Deagan was canny and where William had tried to pass him the day before, he went just a little bit defensive to close the door. And it worked, Deagen got the win he deserved to take the 2nd Round and the Winter Championship.

Jack was fantastic - he spent a lot of the time talking with William, going through the video with him and helping him finesses his driving. He went through the data with a fine tooth comb to look to see where William was loosing time.

The scrutineers wanted the carb off and stripped to look inside it. Once they were happy I got back to the pits and crashed - emotionally and physically drained. The long road from zero to where we are now has been at times disheartening, but mostly enjoyable.

William now moves in Mini X30 and Kenny should have his ARKS soon and start cadet racing.