Sponsorship Opportunities

Karting is expensive and we need funds to compete at the top level. Any help would be appreciated and you'll get a mention on the web site, the Twitter account, FaceBook page and the video's that we are starting to produce.

Each race entry costs £41.50 and in 2016 we expect to enter 21 races. Practice sessions are £35 each and we expect to do 39 of those - costing £2236.50.

Spark plugs, carburettor gasget kits, tyres etc need changing regularly. Spark plugs are £9.60 each and last two races - old ones can be re-used for practice sessions. Carburettor gasget kits are £15 each and need applying about every 6 races. Tyres last different times depending on the weather but we expect to go through two sets of dry's and two sets of wet's - £571.20. As a set become worn they become the practice set.

So what do you get for your money, well ...

By sponsoring William we will work with you to create a specific page to show case your business and link that page to your web site in a way that will help your business. We will work with you to see what those keywords should be.

Sponsoring William gives you a chance to create your own content for your web site on a regular basis. Search engines look to see how often a web site is updated with new and original content - we will provide pictures and basic copy that you can use and embellish into your house style.

We will be creating videos of all aspects of our operation and sponsors will, at a minimum be mentioned, in the video. Those taking higher levels of sponsorship will have an advert added to videos.

Please get in touch if you are interested.